Monday, September 15, 2008

Training Update...

9/8/08: Monday: Gym: Core, Arms, Back
9/9/08: Tuesday: Gym: Core, Chest, Shoulders Lunch Run: 31 Minutes 3xHill Sprints, Evening Bike: 60 Minutes (3x4 FastPedals)
9/10/08: Wednesday: Gym: Core, Squats, Chest Evening Bike: 120 Minutes
9/11/08: Thursday: Gym: Jumps, Back, Push-ups, Lunch Run: 33 Minutes, Evening Bike: 120 Minutes
9/12/08: Friday: Gym: Core, Arms, Shoulders, AM Swim: 40 Minutes (CSU)
9/13/08: Saturday: Rest & watched OSU get beat down.
9/14/08: Sunday: Rest & watched the Browns get beat down.....(intermittently watched the Indians get beat down all weekend by the Royals)
Total 6:44 (Swim/Bike/Run)

Begin Base Phase
9/15/08: It's our 7th Wedding Anniversary!!! Love ya Honey! Gym: Core, Back, Lunch Run: 54 Minutes Easy...joined Ohio Masters Swimming Club today....Looks like I may be trying to tri...

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