Sunday, September 7, 2008

Portage Lakes Race Report

Yesterday I competed in my first Sprint Distance Duathlon. The Portage Lakes Duathlon was 5k/20k/5k near Akron, OH. This race was organized very well by HFP Racing.

First 5k: I felt good and did the first mile in 6:40. I thought I might being going out too hard so I chilled out and then my pace drastically declined, to a 7:28 average, for 23:08, Rank 22.

T1: What can I say other than slow. In my defense I had a horrible rack assignment and I had to run about 200 meters in my cycling shoes to the mount area. 1:27, ugh.

Bike: Good. It took a few minutes to get a good rhythm, and I chilled out a little bit in the last 2 miles thinking I needed to conserve some energy for the run. Still it turned out better than I expected for 35:52, 20.7mph, Rank 7. I picked up 10 places on the bike. So I was sitting in 12th place.

T2: Faster, but slow again. 1:04.

Second 5k: The first few strides off the bike were not fun. Once I got settled down, I grinded out a decent 24:56, 8:03 pace, Rank 22. However, I had more in the tank when I crossed the line and I should have picked my pace up on this 5k. I played it conservative because this was my first duathlon and I wasn't sure how my legs would react. Well, now I know.

Overall: 12th place: 1:26:27, 2nd in Male 30-34.

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Ray Huang said...

Nice work JC!! 12th out of 75 in your first Du!! Call me when you want to run or mtb or cyclocross or ride....

ds said...

Good stuff, JC.

Next stop, podium.