Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Afghan Bicycle Messengers...

And I used to think bike messengers in Clevelend were hardcore!

Check out the Afghan amputee bicycle messengers.

Click for audio of this story.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Lance and France

I haven't chimed in on the on-going Lance drama because I'd rather just let it play out and enjoy it from the sidelines. However, the latest comments by the whining French deserve a response. First of all, Lance is clearly the greatest grand tour rider ever. He may be the best endurance athlete ever as well. He consistently destroyed his competition, even in the age of doping. Speaking of doping...EVEN WITH ALL THE SUSPICION, HE HAS NEVER TESTED POSITIVE FOR ANYTHING!

Look, I understand that the French are pissed that they can never win their own tour. It would be like the Toronto Argonauts winning the Superbowl, over and over again...Or Koreans constantly winning every tournament in the LPGA. However, rather than acknowledging what a great cyclist Lance is, they continue to try to bring him down by false accusations. The latest remark by the new president of ASO, Jean-Etienne Amaury, have gone way too far. He said that Lance "embarrassed" the Tour de France. His comments are completely out of line and may indicate the uphill battle Astana will have, just to get in the Tour. Especially if they sign Alexander Vinokourov, who is now saying he is coming back next year after his 1 year suspension.

Hey ASO, here are going to be your top three embarrasments 1: Once again Frenchman can't even manage to get a podium spot, let alone win the race. 2: When Jean-Etienne has to present Lance with his 8th Trophy and he can't even manage to make eye contact with Lance, then he pees himself in the presence of such greatness 3: When a reporter from L'Equipe asks Lance immediately after winning, "Mr. Armstrong what do you plan to do in retirement?" Lance smiles and says, "Win another Tour of course...See ya next year!"

One thing I have to admit though: While I completely support the fight against cancer and it is awesome what he is doing, I'd like it more if Lance just came out and said "I'm returning to cycling because I'm a competitor, I win bike races, I love to win. Nothing makes me happier than absolute domination! And I plan on crushing you all next year. Boo-yah!"