Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Training Update...

I am trying to stay motivated and put in some good base time...

9/15/08 Monday: Run 54 min, core/weight training
Tuesday: Bike 75 min, core/weight training
Wednesday: Run 51 min, core
Thursday: Lunch Run 33 min, core/weight training, Evening Bike 120 min
Friday: Masters Swim 60 min, Lunch Run 45 min
Saturday: Lazy bike ride to Shaker Lakes
Sunday: Bike 140 min
Total: Run: 3:03, Bike: 5:35, Swim: 1:00 = 9:38

9/22/08 Monday: Masters Swim 65 min, Lunch Run 43 min
Tuesday: Bike: 52 min, core/weight training

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cleveland Triathlon Club: Headwaters Trail Duathlon Series

This duathlon series looks interesting, 5k/25k/5k. Check out the flyer. Anyone planning on it?

Here is a map of the bike portion...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Training Update...

9/8/08: Monday: Gym: Core, Arms, Back
9/9/08: Tuesday: Gym: Core, Chest, Shoulders Lunch Run: 31 Minutes 3xHill Sprints, Evening Bike: 60 Minutes (3x4 FastPedals)
9/10/08: Wednesday: Gym: Core, Squats, Chest Evening Bike: 120 Minutes
9/11/08: Thursday: Gym: Jumps, Back, Push-ups, Lunch Run: 33 Minutes, Evening Bike: 120 Minutes
9/12/08: Friday: Gym: Core, Arms, Shoulders, AM Swim: 40 Minutes (CSU)
9/13/08: Saturday: Rest & watched OSU get beat down.
9/14/08: Sunday: Rest & watched the Browns get beat down.....(intermittently watched the Indians get beat down all weekend by the Royals)
Total 6:44 (Swim/Bike/Run)

Begin Base Phase
9/15/08: It's our 7th Wedding Anniversary!!! Love ya Honey! Gym: Core, Back, Lunch Run: 54 Minutes Easy...joined Ohio Masters Swimming Club today....Looks like I may be trying to tri...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Portage Lakes Race Report

Yesterday I competed in my first Sprint Distance Duathlon. The Portage Lakes Duathlon was 5k/20k/5k near Akron, OH. This race was organized very well by HFP Racing.

First 5k: I felt good and did the first mile in 6:40. I thought I might being going out too hard so I chilled out and then my pace drastically declined, to a 7:28 average, for 23:08, Rank 22.

T1: What can I say other than slow. In my defense I had a horrible rack assignment and I had to run about 200 meters in my cycling shoes to the mount area. 1:27, ugh.

Bike: Good. It took a few minutes to get a good rhythm, and I chilled out a little bit in the last 2 miles thinking I needed to conserve some energy for the run. Still it turned out better than I expected for 35:52, 20.7mph, Rank 7. I picked up 10 places on the bike. So I was sitting in 12th place.

T2: Faster, but slow again. 1:04.

Second 5k: The first few strides off the bike were not fun. Once I got settled down, I grinded out a decent 24:56, 8:03 pace, Rank 22. However, I had more in the tank when I crossed the line and I should have picked my pace up on this 5k. I played it conservative because this was my first duathlon and I wasn't sure how my legs would react. Well, now I know.

Overall: 12th place: 1:26:27, 2nd in Male 30-34.

For complete sprint duathlon results, click here.

For all results including the Olympic Duathlon and Sprint and Olympic Triathlons, click here.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Training Update...

Well, now that I am into the multisport thing I really have ramped up my running and gym workouts. I feel really good after last week and am looking forward to tapering for Sunday's Portage Lakes Duathlon. So here was last week's training log:

Monday: Run 45 (minutes) Gym: Core
Tuesday: Run 20 Gym: Chest/arms/core
Wednesday: Bike 60 Gym: Squats, core
Thursday: Run 45, Bike 120
Friday: Run 20 Gym: Lunges/arms/core
Saturday: Bike 120
Sunday: Run 20/Bike 33 Gym: Chest/core
Total: Run 2:30, Bike 5:38

This week: Taper
Week of 9/8: Begin 12 week base phase

Here's a video from last year's fog delayed event.