Saturday, August 30, 2008

2008 USPRO ITT and Road Race 8/30 and 8/31

Check this link for live race feed.
Live Feed Info:
SATURDAY: 11AM-1:30PM EST – Greenville Hospital System USA Cycling Professional Individual Time Trial Championships live from CU-ICAR in Greenville SC. Hosted by Nathan O’Neill, Pro Cyclist and 8-time Australian National Time Trial Champion. Live Streaming courtesy of Medalist Sports and AVF Creations.

SUNDAY: 1PM-5:30PM EST - Greenville Hospital System USA Cycling Professional Road Race Championships live from Greenville SC. Hosted by Nathan O’Neill, Pro Cyclist and 8-time Australian National Time Trial Champion. Sponsored by Rock Racing and featuring the “Rock Cam”.

Time Trial:
1. RYTLEWSKI Jacob Rite-Aid p/b Shebell & Shebell
2. BENNETT Eric Successful Living p/b Parkpre
3. SPINELLI Justin Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast
4. FREY Nick TIME Pro Cycling
5. HUFF Charles Bradley Jelly Belly
6. ZAJICEK Philip Team Health Net p/b Maxxis
7. DANIELSON Thomas Garmin/Chipotle p/b H3O
8. BAKER Andy TIME Pro Cycling
9. MURPHY John Team Health Net p/b Maxxis
10. ELDRIDGE Charles Team Type 1
11. KING Edward Bissell Pro Cycling Team
12. COZZA Steven Garmin/Chipotle p/b H3O
13. COLLIER Corney Team Health Net p/b Maxxis
14. KNELLER Benjamin Jittery Joe's Pro Cycling Team
15. PETERSON Thomas Garmin/Chipotle p/b H3O
16. ZWIZANSKI Scott Bissell Pro Cycling Team
17. HERNANDEZ Sergio Rock Racing
18. BEAMER Spencer DLP Racing
19. STOOP Michael TIME Pro Cycling
20. KILUN Roman Team Health Net p/b Maxxis
21. PELTONEN Garrett Bissell Pro Cycling Team
22. NORTON Michael Calyon Pro Cycling Team
23. SWEETING Robert Toshiba/Santo p/b Herbalife
24. MUMFORD Jonathan Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast
25. CRANE Matthew Team Health Net p/b Maxxis
26. HOWARD Graham Bissell Pro Cycling Team
27. DULIN Thad DLP Racing
28. VAN ULDEN Bernard Jelly Belly
29. RAMSEY Daniel TIME Pro Cycling
30. GRABINGER Micheal Successful Living p/b Parkpre
31. CREED Michael Rock Racing
32. VANDEVELDE Christian Garmin/Chipotle p/b H3O
33. ZIRBEL Tom Bissell Pro Cycling Team
34. DUGGAN Timothy Garmin/Chipotle p/b H3O
35. PATE Danny Garmin/Chipotle p/b H3O
36. ZABRISKIE David Garmin/Chipotle p/b H3O

Road Race Start List:
Bissell Pro Cycling:
Graham Howard, Grand Rapids MI 23
Benjamin Jacques-Maynes, San Jose CA 29
Omer Kem, Salem OR 26
Edward King, NH 25
Aaron Olson, Santa Barbra CA 30
Garett Peltonen, Boulder CO 27
Morgan Schmitt, Seattle WA 23
Burke Swindlehurst, Salt Lake City UT 35
Tom Zirbel, Boulder CO 29
Scott Zwizanski, Downington PA 31

Brent Brookwalter, Santa Rosa CA 22
Antonio Cruz, Santa Rosa CA 36
David Galvin, Palo Alto CA 27
Jonathan Garcia, Louisville CO 27
Jeffrey Louder, Santa Rosa CA 30
Ian Mckissick, Seattle WA 27
Nathan Miller, Fairfield CA 23
Scott Nydam, Denver CO 30
Michael Sayers, Sacramento CA 38
Jackson Stewart, Los Gatos CA 28
Taylor Tolleson, Team Santa Rosa CA 23

Colavita-Sutter Home
Andrew Guptill, Hannacroix NY 25
Kyle Wamsley, Topton PA 28
Tyler Wren, Philadelphia PA 27

Team Columbia
George Hincapie, Greenville SC
Craig Lewis, Greenville SC

DLP Racing
Spencer Beamer, Knoxville TN
Joseph Coddington Asheville NC
Thaddeus Dulin, Greenville SC
Scott Jackson, Chathem NJ
Boyd Johnson, Greenville SC
Owen Nielsen, Blacksburg VA
Charles Pendry, Raleigh NC

Tom Peterson, Boulder CO 21
Blake Caldwell, Boulder CO 24
Steven Cozza, Petaluma CA 23
Thomas Danielson, Boulder CO 30
Jason Donald, Brighton CO 28
Timmy Duggan, Boulder CO 4
Lucas Euser, San Luis Obispo CA 24
Tyler Farrar, Wentache WA 24
Mike Friedman, Pittsburgh PA 25
Will Frischkorn, Boulder CO 23
Danny Pate, Boulder CO 29
Christian Vande Velde, Lemont IL 32
David Zabriskie, Salt Lake City UT 29
Patrick McCarty, Allen CO 26

Jelly Belly
Brad Huff, Colorado Springs CO 29
Michael Lange, Golden CO 25
Jeremy Powers, Niantic CT 25
Nick Reistad, Brookfield WI 25
Bernard Van Ulden, San Francisco CA 28

Jittery Joe's
Jared Barrilleaux Novato CA 0
Evan Elken, Lake Oswego OR 31
Timothy Henry, Atlanta GA 26
Ben Kneller, Durango CA 0
Neil Shirley, La Mesa CA 29
Matt Shriver, Durango CO 28

Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast
Andrew Bajadali, Minneapolis MN 35
Daniel Bowman, Minneapolis MN 26
Brian Buchholz, Minneapolis MN 32
Alex Candelario, Minneapolis MN 33
Benjamin King, Minneapolis MN 19
Jonathan Mumford, Minneapolis MN 32
Justin Spinelli, Minneapolis MN 28
Jonathan Sundt, Minneapolis MN 34
Nicholas Waite, Minneapolis MN 24

Rite Aid
Clayton Barrows, State College PA 26
Jonathan Erdely, Bradley Beach NJ 27
Stephan Kincaid, Pottstown PA 36
Robbie King, Brentwood NH 28
Jake Rytlewski, Avon IN 25

Rock Racing
Michael Creed, Colorado Springs CO 27
Tyler Hamilton, Boulder CO 37
Sergio Hernandez, San Pedro CA 23
Kayle Leogrande, Agoura Hills CA 31
Doug Ollerenshaw, Portland OR 28
Fred Rodriguez, Emeryville CA 34
Adam Switters, Davis CA 21
Jeremiah Wiscovitch, Pomona CA 24

Successful Living
Eric Bennett, Ventura CA 20

Health Net-Maxxis
Corey Collier, Durango CO 27
Matt Cooke, Washington DC 29
Matt Crane, Athens GA 23
Kyle Gritters, Mission Viejo CA 25
Roman Kilun, Berkeley CA 26
Frank Pipp, Boulder CO 31
Phil Zajicek, Boulder CO 29
Tim Johnson, Boston MA 31
John Murphy, Athens GA 23
Kirk Obee, Vancouver BC 31

Team Type 1
Joe Eldridge, Atlanta GA 26
Daniel Holt, Bradenton FL 26
Christopher Jones, New Haven CT 29
Ian Macgregor, Golden CO 25
Shawn Milne, Gloucester MA 26

The Fan Sports Network
Anthony Colby, Durango CO 29

Andy Baker, Easley SC 18
Nick Frey, Winston-salem NC 21
David Guttenplan, Gainesville FL 22
Jon Hamblen, Winston-Salem NC 32
Daniel Ramsey, Winston-Salem NC 30
Tom Soladay, Winston-Salem NC 25
Mike Stoop, Winston-Salem NC 23

Alex Hagman, Athens GA 24
Mark Hekman, Athens, GA AL 29
Bobby Sweeting, Bradenton FL 21
Daniel Vaillancourt, Athens, GA GA 26

Chris Baldwin, Boulder CO 32
Justin England, Boulder CO 30
Chris Wherry, Durango CO 35

Matt Howe, Raleigh NC
Michael Norton, Goshen NY 27

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bellefaire JCB Biathlon Race Report

First off, much thanks to my sponsors, we raised $230 for a great cause: Dannon Svab of Explosive Fight Promotions, Crystal Bright Window Washing and Carpet Cleaning, Dr. Wayne & Bobbi Taylor of Crossroads Chiropractic Center, and Melinda Mock. Second, thank you to the volunteers who made the race happen, they did an excellent job. One suggestion to the race coordinators, however, would be to notify bikers of sand on the road, before the turn (maybe 25-50 meters in advance), not when we are already dipping into it at over 20mph. That was a close call, I almost hit the curb and the guy behind me almost ran me over. Third, thanks to my training partner Ryan, all those rides paid some dividends.

So anyway, for my first biathlon ever and my only event at all this year, I was very pleased with my performance. Given that I’m really just a cyclist trying to run, I was not surprised to find myself way down in the “pack” (pack would be defined as several hundred racers) with a run time of 23:12 minutes. Not horrible, but I could improve greatly there. To show just how good I am not at running, here is a nice pic of me around the 2 mile marker…..notice the guy about to pass me pushing the stroller! Yikes.

...and yes those are hot silver tri-shorts! :)-

The transition went well. I came in :13 seconds or so behind my training partner Ryan, but managed to get out around the same time as him. The bike was good. I made up soo much ground out there. There was only one guy who passed me, the bearded dude in the Shaker Cycling jersey. I pushed it hard on the way back in and ended up with a time around 1:00:25. I passed 77 racers. I knew my time was okay, but didn’t even consider that it may be good for my age group of 30-34. Good thing Ryan stuck around for the podium presentation and picked up my bronze medal for the third place finish in my group. Ryan picked up the silver for the 25-29 group! Great Job Ryan!!

My goal was a sub 1 hour time. I came up just shy of that, but I learned many lessons about multi-sport today. First, I know better than to be standing around near the back of the pack with only a couple of minutes before the start. I should have got up near the front. Second, I need to develop a legit running program, not just run a few times a week. Third, get there early for a better bike placement. Fourth, don’t screw around with my gloves on the bike, just go.

Speedy Ray smoked me on the run by about 3 minutes or so, then put another 5 or so on me on the bike. Check out his race report here: