Monday, September 1, 2008

Training Update...

Well, now that I am into the multisport thing I really have ramped up my running and gym workouts. I feel really good after last week and am looking forward to tapering for Sunday's Portage Lakes Duathlon. So here was last week's training log:

Monday: Run 45 (minutes) Gym: Core
Tuesday: Run 20 Gym: Chest/arms/core
Wednesday: Bike 60 Gym: Squats, core
Thursday: Run 45, Bike 120
Friday: Run 20 Gym: Lunges/arms/core
Saturday: Bike 120
Sunday: Run 20/Bike 33 Gym: Chest/core
Total: Run 2:30, Bike 5:38

This week: Taper
Week of 9/8: Begin 12 week base phase

Here's a video from last year's fog delayed event.

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