Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Patrick's Day in Cleveland

My office is on Superior overlooking the parade.
5 things annoying about the parade:
1. There were only 3 confirmed persons of Irish heritage in the crowd.
2. The jackass that blew his stupid horn from 9AM - 2PM (about every 30 seconds), I hope his lips fall off!
3. The 13 year old drunk girls screaming at me on the Rapid to "get up, it's st. fu@%!ng Patrick's day, come on, party dude....like, old people suck"
4. The drunken group that got lost on their way to Pamplona, singing "Oley, oley, oley, oley" over and over and over and over! Dude's, there will not be any bullfighting in the St. Patrick Day Parade!
5. I was working.


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