Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Chagrin Valley Ride...

Last night I ventured out on a cold (30s), but sunny (rare for Cleveland) evening to get some good outdoor miles in my legs. I have been struggling the last week, because I can’t stand to ride my trainer anymore….I hate it!!! I need to get outside. (Plus my laptop has been out of commission for 2 weeks now, so I can’t watch my Cycling.tv or fancast.com.) I did, however, watch my 8th grade basketball tapes, wow - I used to think I was good….I was horrible, I wonder why the coach let me play so much???? I wish they would have cut me so I could have concentrated on cycling and not wasted my time shooting airballs and giving away turnovers all game! What a downer.

Anyway, back to my ride. I left out of my house in University Heights, took Fairmount Blvd to Gates Mills Blvd to Cedar Rd (yikes Cedar Rd is torn up, huge ruts and pot holes – Stay away) to Chagrin River Rd. Heading North on Chagrin River I turned around at Mayfield Rd, then took Berkshire Rd out of the valley. My time on Berkshire wasn’t good but it wasn’t horrible either. From the bottom to the stone gates just before Old Mill it was 10:58. I never got out of the saddle. I think I was in the low 9 minutes last year, which isn’t bad for being a heft on wheels! I took Gates Mills to Fairmount back to University Hts, then dilly dallied around to get an even 25 miles. My toes eventually regained feeling in the hot shower, but that felt like walking on glass in a fire on a bed of nails! It was a lot colder than it looked.

I’m thinking about putting together a comprehensive Chagrin Valley Cycling pamphlet/blog…I’d like to contribute more to the cycling community than complaining about the weather and telling everyone how much weight I need to lose. I’ll put it together this spring and keep everyone posted. It should be fun!


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ds said...

Hey J.c. You should ride with us sometime on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from the church on Fairmount and Eaton at 6:00.