Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I will defeat you Berkshire Road!!

I am so tired of getting dropped on this climb I am going to blow-myself-up (not literally like jihad style – as in LT) every time I hit this climb until I significantly drop my time. I discovered this climb last fall and did 9:28 as a best time (not in that good of shape). Since I’ve never really set concrete goals in the past and this year I am already trying to accomplish my goal to lose 30 lbs. Why not set this goal too?

So, here it is: Break 8:00 minutes by July 1, 2008.

So far this year’s stats:
3/25/08: 10:58
3/27/08: 10:01
3/28/08: 9:54



JimmyNick said...

Far be it from ME to give climbing advice, but ... Blowing yourself up every time isn't necessarily the best training. Climbing it over and over at 90-95% of lactate threshold (or 80-85% max HR) will help you raise your LT. Blowing up will not.
But pushing yourself to the limit -- after you've built a fitness base -- will teach your body to endure the red-zone suffering a little longer.

JC Sell said...

You're right JN - I'll keep it sane! I'm just impatient and it's frustrating!