Friday, April 11, 2008

Cycling Trivia - American Stage winners in Le Tour de France

Ten Americans have won stages in the Tour de France.

1. Lance Armstrong (retired - had 25 stage wins and 7 overall victories)
2. Tyler Hamilton (Rock Racing Team Captain-after 2yr. doping suspension)
3. Andy Hampsten (retired - Won 1992 L'alpe d'Huez)
4. George Hincapie (Team High Road)
5. Floyd Landis (lost his appeal to the CAS, serving a 2 yr suspension)
6. Levi Liephiemer (Team Astana - banned from all ASO events including the Tour de France, for prior team member's doping scandals)
7. Greg Lemond (retired - 5 stage wins and 3 overall victories - PROFESSIONAL WHINER)
8. Davis Phinney (retired and watching his son Taylor Phinney develop into a strong racer)
9. Jeff Pierce (retired - Won Champs-Elysees stage with in 1987)
10. David Zabriskie (Team Slipstream-Chipotle - won 2005 prologue)

Which American will win a stage this year? Hincapie? Zabriskie? Someone else?

Whatever the case, it won't be this guy...


ds said...

Stephen Cozza from Slipstream. He will get into break that sticks on a flatter stage and then win the small sprint. That's my prediction.

He fractured his collarbone a few weeks ago. That gives him plenty of time to rest up, then start training in earnest for the Tour.

JimmyNick said...

If that's you in that photo, it must have been before you lost the 15 pounds ...


JC Sell said...

Any takers on Frischkorn? One ballsy ride today almost earned a fresh U.S. stage win. Check it out here