Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Book Review - Momentum Is Your Friend - Joe Kurmaskie

What an excellent read!! Talk about big brass balls! Kurmaskie, author of Metal Cowboy, goes cross country (W-E)...with two sons (7 and 5yrs old) in tow! I'm not kidding, check out the picture:

He left from Portland, OR and blazed a trail that included Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio (he really rips on southern Ohio's roads, but enlightens us with some good lovin' from friendly Ohio people), Pittsburgh, Virginia, and finally D.C.

If you enjoy reading about cycling or adventure or family bonding this book is for you! Aside from a really odd description of some troll he saw on an orange bike, the rest is a detailed look at how hard the journey was and how rewarding! One warning though, as you read this you will 1) Want to quit your job 2) Buy a sweet Rodriguez touring bike 3) Ride off into your own special adventure!

For a teaser go to his article in Men's Journal.

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