Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Girl Scout Cookies

Early this morning I was sitting in my office thinking about developing a structured training regimen when I hear "Knock, Knock, I'm here to deliver your goodies!" I'm thinking "Hmm, my goodies? Oooh, what could it be?" I turn around and see 3 more boxes of Girl Scout cookies being placed on my desk. 1 box of Thin Mints, 1 box of Peanut Butter Patties (fka Tagalongs), and 1 box of Caramel deLites (fka Samoas). I'm excited, my mouth is watering, I can taste the cookies, I just want to rip them open and enjoy! Then, as I'm paying up I suddenly realize I'm training again. AHHHHHHH!!! Now, a few weeks ago when I ordered these coconutty, fudgy, caremelin', chocolate elations to my taste buds I was probably holding a chocolate cream filled, chocolate iced with sprinkles donut. That was when I would repeatedly raid the employee lounge devouring any treats that were up for the taking. Gee, my secret to how to gain 30 lbs in a few months is now exposed! On good days, I'd have a couple and really good days 4 or 5! I remained strong and didn't have any, although a few times during the day I would just stare at the boxes wanting to dig in, trying to justify it with the "a few extra minutes on the bike" excuse. It was a battle.

So I went through the day only eating my PB&J and 2 bananas. And hit the trainer hard, in the basement, another foot of snow. Yuck.

PS: More importantly, I'm an Uncle again!! New Nephew: Jacob John Paul Sell, born 5:16 pm, 2/27/2008, 8lbs 15oz! I can't wait to see him in April (Tour de Georgia - Suwanee Stage). It's Bro's hometown.

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