Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Parlee Z4 Bike

Livin’ the Dream...Parlee Z4

When my bro suggested I sign up for and begin logging my rides in Mapmyride.com’s Tour de France challenge, I figured, sure why not? We were already logging our miles in a friendly TDF Challenge between my bro, my training partner Ryan, and myself and I thought the chances of winning a prize were pretty good. I even remarked to Ryan that since they gave away so many prizes, the odds of winning something were probably pretty good. Especially compared to the lotto or large sweepstakes like HGTV’s Dream Home, etc.

So, I began logging my rides, day after day. I commuted quite a bit during this time, so I was able to get in a lot of rides. I also made it a point to take my cycling fanatic 2 yr old on short bike rides around the neighborhood. This challenge pushed this months mileage (so far) over 700 miles and helped me get in better shape. Everyday I would check Mapmyride.com to see if we won anything on the Prize List. As the stages continued on I kept thinking, these odds still have to be pretty good. I kept believing that one of us would win something. Even if it was just a set of gloves or a helmet.

Last night I checked my cell phone and noticed my bro called 3 times. He isn’t the type to call a bunch of times, unless it is really, really, important. I quickly give him a concerned call, (incidentally he was finishing up one of his rides and waiting for AAA because he locked his keys in his car, but that’s not why called) here is our conversation...

Brother Bryan: Hey, who told you about the mapmyride.com TDF Challenge?

JC: Uh, I don’t know, you?

Bryan: Dude, have you checked your email?! Have you?!

JC: Nah, I don’t check my home email that often. Why, what's up?


I open my email...

JC: What the? Are you serious!! Holy Cow! What the?!!!!

I begin reading my email from Mapmyride.com

JC: ...From Mapmyride and ROAD ID... Subject: You've won a prize Body of email: TDF Challenge...Congratulations....You have won a brand new Parlee Z4 bicycle! Please login.... Oh my, what! YAHOOOO! Ha! This is amazing!

My daughter begins yelling.....

Lily: Daddy, Daddy you so excited? Daddy’s excited!!! Ha ha. Momma, daddy’s excited!! Dady’s excited! Daddy won a new bike! Ha ha!

And so, indeed I have won a Parlee Z4 Fly V Australia Team Edition bike. I’m still in shock. This won’t sink in for a long time. I was going to hold off on telling everyone and just show up for a group ride on this amazing machine, but I couldn’t hold back. I had to spread the word of my unbelievably good fortune. Here is a picture for you to enjoy.

See you on the road soon....JC


ds said...

Holy cow...Congrats!

Ray Huang said...

Just amazing!! What fun.

JC Sell said...

Yeah..should be here soon! Ray...so now, to be the part (not just look the part) I may need a coach. Know anyone???:)!

Loved Ever said...

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