Sunday, March 15, 2009

Training Update...

I'm getting back into it this year. My goals include dropping about 20 lbs. quickly and then running a respectable Cleveland 1/2 Marathon on May 17th.

Last week:
Monday: Run 3.75 miles, 32:30, Gym: Pushups, Situps, PullDowns
Tuesday: Run 3.00 miles, 24:00, Gym: Pushups, Situps, PullDowns
Wednesday: Run 5.50 miles, 44:50, Gym: Pushups, Situps, PullDowns
Thursday: Bike(Lunch-Recumbent) 13.51 miles, 45:00, Bike(Evening - Trainer) 22.84, 1:15:00, Gym: Pushups, Situps, PullDowns
Friday: Gym
Saturday: Run 4.11 miles, 35:26, Bike 26.23, 1:36:09
Sunday: Run 8.22 miles, 1:13:12 Notes: First 4.11 in 36:26. This was my longest run in about 15 yrs., I felt great. Felt like I could have done it twice...It's all coming together:)


ds said...

That is a solid week. Hope to see you on the road soon.

JimmyNick said...

Awesome! But remember to leave time to rest and recover. That's when your improvement comes.