Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Century 6/24/2008

I’m not sure if this counts as a ‘real’ century but this is how it went down yesterday.

Commute 2 Work:
5:30 AM
20.03 miles

Commute 2 Home:
4:00 PM
21.09 miles
1 flat (E. 148th & Lakeshore)

Summer Solstice Ride: (55 miles + 4 cool down miles to make an even 100)
6:00 PM
59.00 miles

100.12 miles

During the Summer Solstice ride, I was too busy burying myself to try to catch back on to the group to see what roads we were on. I know we went out passed Holden Arboretum, on roads I’ve never been on before. Thanks to Ryan, here is the map:

Thanks guys for waiting for my slow a$$ to get back to the group. If I keep training like I have the last couple of weeks, hopefully we won’t have this problem much longer.

Post ride delirium. Seriously, I either didn’t eat or drink enough, or I just wasn’t physically prepared for a day like that. When I got home I was totally wasted. For about 1/2 hour I was delirious - at one point I was hearing voices shoosh me. Weird.

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ds said...

A century is a century. You oficially get credit for one in my book.

I'd be toast too if I did 40 miles before the solstice ride.